Master Jeffrey Yuen comes in 2017 (28-01-2017)

We are very fortunate to have Master Jeffrey Yuen coming again this year to the Netherlands. After him being here in early 2016 we are looking forward to welcome him in December in Hotel Oud London in Zeist again. He'll be giving this three day seminar from 15th - 17th December.

The frist day, Friday 15th December we'll be exploring "The Spirit of the Practitioner - the Art of Needling". We'll be able to reflect upon our approach to healing and our approach to our patients, as well learn more about the Nine Needles of the Ling Shu and the art of Needling.

On Saturday and Sunday Master Yuen will be talking about "The forgotten knowledge of the Divergent Channels - the Jing Bie". Even though the Ling Shu as well as the Jia Yi Jing put a lot of emphasis in the importance of the system of the Divergent or Distinct channels, not much is taught about them previously. We'll hear about the historical background, about the conduits and about how to use them especially also in the treatment of Chronic degenerative diseases.

We are looking forward to welcome you all coming December in Hotel Oud London in Zeist. Further imformation will soon be published on this website under courses.