Praktijk:Praktijk Tenet 5
Praktijkhouder:Elmar Satoor de Rootas
Adres:Hoendiepstraat 15 II
Postcode en Plaats:1079 LR Amsterdam
Tenet5 practice for traditional Chinese medicine offers treatment based on the following approaches: -Acupuncture according to the philosophy of the 5 elements, the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. -Palpation based diagnosis and treatment according to the Engaging Vitality Method as formulated by Charles Chase and Dan Bensky. -Standard contemporary Chinese TCM acupuncture. -Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. -Tuina / Chinese massage/mobilisation-and manipulation therapy. -Buqi healing qigong. -Councilling based on Daoist, Buddhist and Yogic introspection techniques.