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Course Stems and Branches – Wū Yùn Liù Qì


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Study Center Pakua is honored that Peter van Kervel is willing to give a course about the philosophy of the Stems and Branches. He will be assisted by Olesya Prydatko from Ukraine, Medical Doctor,  (internist and acupuncturist)

Peter is one of the founders of Pakua and he has dedicated his life to the development and education of this authentic system of acupuncture which is described in the Huang Di Nei Jing, Nan Jing  and Jia Yi Jing.

As you can read in the introduction on this website, is it not easy to understand the 5 movements and the 6 energies in the cosmos as described in the classical texts.

Peter, who has been a student of the late Dr. J.D. van Buren (see introduction), is, like no one else, capable to explain this philosophy. On top of this he is able to connect these philosophies with the precepts of Western medicine.

On these classical philosophies Peter has written a book: Acupuncture Heavenly Stems &Terrestrial Branches Wu Yùn Liù Qi – the philosophy & physiology of acupuncture.

This book is the guide for explaining the classical philosophies step by step and the basic textbook for this course.


What can you do with this course?

Peter van Kervel wrote:

Each part of the human physiology can be related to a part of the philosophy of the Stems and Branches acupuncture. In the first place it all starts with an anamnesis or Western diagnosis. Western pathology is superior in its description of the clinical picture/syndrome and the development of a disease. What we do here is making a translation of the complaint or diagnosis of the patient to the energetic terminology of the acupuncture.

The philosophy of the Stems and Branches provides the knowledge to make this translation and it is the bridge between the Western knowledge and skills and the art of acupuncture. Each Western diagnosis can be translated in energetical principles, based on the philosophy.

After the pathology or symptoms have been translated into the acupuncture terminology and a treatment strategy is formulated, a treatment plan is being made. The treatment plan has to be “tailor made”: custom fit, based on the individual. Two persons with identical complaints will never be treated with the same acupuncture points; just like the same patient never can be treated the same in summer or in winter. The Stems and Branches acupuncture is unique in this personal approach, in which the treatment plan takes into account the year, month, day and hour of birth of the person and takes into account the year, month, day and hour in which the treatment takes place.


Teaching subjects:

Chapter 1: Creation: origin of universal Qi, Yin and Yang
Chapter 2: Pre-heavenly energy / XiānTiān Qi
Chapter 3: Qì, Jīng, Shén, Sān Bāo , The Sān Bāo is the treasurer this trinity of qi which is the foundation of the

                    creation of  the human being.
Chapter 4: Qì, Lĭ, Shù/ energy, laws and meaning of numbers (Hé Tú en Luò Shū)
Chapter 5: Qì, Tiān, Dì, Qì, Heaven, Earth, Creation of Pre-heaven and Post-heaven.
Chapter 6: Tài Ji-Great Supreme, Yŭ-Space, Qián, Yuán, Hèng, Lì, Zhēn, The origin of the 4 emanation in the

Chapter 7: Shí Tiān Gān, Ten Heavenly Stems.
Chapter 8: Tài Ji-Great Supreme, Shí-Time, Qián, Yuán, Hèng, Lì, Zhēn.
Chapter 9: Shí Èr Dì Zhī, Twelve Earthly Branches
Chapter 10: Universal Qi en Individual Qi
Chapter 11: Qì, Jīng, Shén, The connection between Pre-Heaven qi and Post-Heaven qi.
Chapter 12: Hòu Tiān Qì, Post-Heaven qi, recapitulation of the different kinds of pre-Heaven qi and their

                     connection with the post-Heaven qi.                                                                                                                      

Chapter  13: Transformation of Shuĭ and Gŭ in Qì
Chapter 14: Liù Qì, Six Qì
Chapter 15: Wŭ Xíng, five transformation phases.
Chapter 16: Jīng Luò Mài, Channel System.
Chapter 17: Jiù Lì, Chinese calender
Chapter 18: Zhēn Jĭu Yī Shī, Acupuncturist

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