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Essential oils for Psycho-Emotional issues


Lunch, tea/coffee and handouts included

accreditation: Zhong, NVA (half), BAF

Date/Time: 18/04/2020 – 19/04/2020; 09.30 – 17.00

Venue: Hotel de Medici, Potterierei 15, 8000 Brugge, BELGIUM

Limited parking space is available, please contact Pakua when you want to have a parking space.



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Master Jeffrey Yuen is teaching in Brugge about the use of essential oils in the treatment of Psycho-Emotional issues.

Essential Oils have long been used in Chinese Medicine

For thousand of years, the therapeutic use of essential oils of aromatic plants has been utilised for the maintenance and restoration of health. Essential oils, believed to possess the most concentrated aspect of a plant, were anointed for their scent and applied to create healing on the multi-layered body-mind-spirit continuum. Today, aromatherapy is rapidly becoming one of the most popular modalities of healing available.

Essential Oils for Psycho-Emotional Issues

Essential oils directly impact the brain chemistry and therefore have a big impact on one’s emotional state. When the essential oils are taken internally or are topically applied they will have an impact on the hormonal system of the body as well.

Hormones can create emotional states. And since the essential oils have an impact on the endocrine system, they will have an impact on the mental state as well.

We will in these two days explore different emotional dis-balances, mental illnesses and psychological conditions and study how to use essential oils according to Chinese Medicine diagnosis.