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Autistic children and Acupuncture


Lunch, tea/coffee and handouts included

accreditation: NVA, Zhong

Date/Time: 10-11-2018; 09.30 – 17.00

Venue: Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve, Soestdijkerweg 10b, 3734 MH Den Dolder

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Julian Scott has been treating children with acupuncture and herbs for more than 40 years. He is autor, with Teresa Barlow, of ‘Acupuncture in the treatment of Children’ and other books. He has given courses in many countries in Europe and elsewhere. At the moment he has a practice in Bath, England.

His recent book about Autism and Acupuncture he wrote for parents and practitioner in order to help autistic children and their parents. It explains the broad vision of Chinese Medicine, and how this incorporates all aspects of life – joy and sadness, energy and exhaustion, enthusiasm and boredom.

The autistic spectrum is very wide, and includes those who are very shy, those who have difficulty in concentrating, those who are wild, and those who are completely withdrawn. Many of these children can be helped by acupuncture. Sometimes they just need the support that acupuncture can give to help them through a difficult time of life or a difficult school; sometimes there is a significant energetic imbalance which can be resolved once and for all by acupuncture.

In this day’s lecture he will cover common patterns of behavioural disorders from ADD and ADHD through to the extreme end of the autistic spectrum; how these children can be treated (many of whom do not even like to be touched), and what results to expect.

We feel honoured that he agreed to come and teach for Pakua