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Lunch, tea/coffee and handouts included

accreditation: Zhong, NVA

Date/Time: 08-11-2018 and 09-11-2018; 09.30 – 17.00

Venue: Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve, Soestdijkerweg 10b, 3734 MH Den Dolder

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Working with children is a bliss.

Being a father (4) and grandfather (4) I have experienced how it is to raise children, to make mistakes, to feel proud, to be fearful and worry, to share love and to follow and support growth and development.

In 1987 I have started working with children after being a student of Dr. van Buren en Julian Scott for several years. As from that time off I have been sold. The contact with the children and their parents is challenging, nice and inspiring. But moreover, since that first day I always felt myself energized after a children clinic day. This is a beautiful side effect for the practitioner, but it describes also the splendid Yang qi of the children.

Of course not all children are the same, but in general their energies are vivid, rapidly and also sometimes unexpected. They want to be joyful and playful, open for change and for new things.

They show their emotions without covering them and are honest about their feelings and thoughts.

In short: You know what there is and what you get. On the other hand they expect you to be in the moment, honest, sincere, cheerful with the seriousness of an adult.

As practitioner it is challenging, but also rewarding to treat them with these qualities.

In the seminar ‘Pediatrics’ we will cover the development of children, from before birth till teenage time, related to Chinese philosophy, as the five elements, some Extra Meridians and the philosophy of heavenly stems and earthly branches and we will discuss a some clinical pictures.

Besides this I would really like to achieve that practitioners feel confident enough to start treating children and that experienced practitioners are able to enrich their style of treatments with the practical side of the ancient paradigm of Chinese philosophy.