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Pulsdiagnosis course according to Master Jeffrey Yuen


Lunch, coffee/tea and handouts included

accreditation: NVA, Zhong

Date/Time: 12/10/2018 – 13/10/2018; 09.30 – 17.00

Venue: Dominicanenklooster Zwolle, Assendorperstraat 29, 8012 DE Zwolle,

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Pulse diagnosis according to Master Jeffrey Yuen will be given by Cissy Majebé and Tracy Peck. Both are longterm students from Jeffrey Yuen and personally trained by him. He is very happy that both will come to the Netherlands to give this two day’s training.

Pulse Diagnosis and ones ability to establish connection between ones pulse findings and the patient  communication regarding  their illness has been a focus of the doctor of chinese medicine throughout the centuries.   In current TCM Pulse taking, the pulses are used as a confirmation of the signs and symptoms.  In Classical Chinese Medicine, the pulses were the first line of diagnosis and the signs and symptoms were gathered and often seen  as support of the pulses configurations.


The Mai Jing compiled by Wang Shu He discussed 24 pulses and taught about not just these 24 static qualities but also the  dynamic (moving ) pulses.

 Later Li Shi Zhen expanded this to 27-28 pules and  sought to simplify pulses taking by focusing on the static pulses.  


Dynamic pulses are about the interrelationships between the different zang fu and  the energetics between wei qi, ying qi and yuan qi.  It is this intero-related understanding that allows the practitioner of Chinese medicine to develop a clearer picture of the patient and allows for a more complete Wang Shu He is also the first to introduce the concept of the Eight Extra Vessel pulses and  how they are reflected in ones constitution.  


This course will have a short review of the Static pulses to establish a common framework for discussion and follow with a focus on the Dynamic pulses  as conveyed by Wang Shu He and currently taught by Jeffrey Yuen. According to Jeffrey Yuen, the dynamic pulses are the bridge to a deeper understanding of the pulses and how these dynamic pulses can have a strong clinical impact on ones life.