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Scalp acupuncture for Neurological and Psychosomatic Diseases and Disorders


Lunch, coffee/tea and handouts included

accreditation: NVA, Zhong

Date/Time: 24-8-2018; 09.30 – 17.00

Venue: Kontakt der Kontinent, Amersfoortsestraatweg 20, 3769 AS Soesterberg,

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Dr. Suzanne Robidoux will be back this year for two exiting seminars. The first one will happen on Friday 24th August. She will introduce the participants in the technique of Scalp acupuncture.

Dr. Suzanne Robidoux has worked in the Neurological Hospital in Nanjing during her Ph. D. in Nanjing China and she is actively treating severe cases of MS, Parkinson and ALS with scalp acupuncture, clinical moxa and Chinese medicine. She will share her experience and knowledge she has gathered with these severe cases.

This seminar focuses on learning two different scalp acupuncture systems to treat over 20 different neurological and psychosomatic diseases and disorders. After this day, participants will have grasped the necessary treatment protocols and needling techniques to treat neurological diseases as well as other types of psychosomatic diseases and be able to incorporate it immediately in their practices.

First participants will learn the correct location of over 24 scalp treatment lines along with their clinical applications according to specific diseases or symptoms. Afterwards we will review over 10 different single and multiple needling techniques specifically applied in scalp acupuncture.