Joan Duveen was originally trained as physiotherapist. He worked in his own private clinic, in a health center, till 1990. In these years he was also a teacher in anatomy, physiology and massage at a college for physiotherapy.

He started studying Chinese medicine since 1976. Graduated from the Dutch Society for Acupuncture, Holland in 1982, he became B.Ac in 1986 and M.Ac in 1991 at ICOM Holland and England. He was a regular staff member at the International College of Oriental Medicine UK for 16 years, teaching Chinese Medicine in year 3 and 4.

He is co-founder of the Study center Pakua. This study center organizes post graduate courses in Philosophical Chinese medicine. After 13 years he resigned as chairman of  Pakua.

In 1992 he travelled to China to visit the Colleges of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Besides being practitioner in his private clinic in Holland he is an international teacher for many years in Chinese philosophy and acupuncture. He is specialized in pediatrics, pulse diagnosis, acupuncture according to the five elements and the philosophy of stems and branches, taking into account the constitutional energies by birth, based on the Chinese calendar. About these subjects he wrote several articles in magazines for Chinese medicine.