This foundation is rooted in spirit, philosophy and practice of Daoism guided by Daoist Priest, Master Jeffrey C. Yuen, who is:

  • 88th generation of Yu Ching Huang Lao Pai (Jade Purity School, Yellow Emperor), Lao Tzu Sect,
  • 26th generation of Chuan Chen Lung Men Pai (Complete Reality School, Dragon Gate Sect).

The mission of the Jade Purity Foundation is to provide educational excellence in the instruction and training of Chinese Healing Arts and to develop a healing center and retreat for the promotion of deep relaxation and general well-being. http://jadepurityfoundation.org

International College of Oriental Medicine
Dr. van Buren was founder of ICOM (International College of Oriented Medicine) in the United Kingdom. This school teaches acupuncture according to the philosophy of the “Heavely Stems and Earthly Branches” just like study centre Pakua. A lot of the teachings programmes and post graduate courses share the same goals like study centre Pakua does. More information of this school on http://www.orientalmed.ac.uk.

This is an interesting link to books and articles written about ‘Heavely Stems and Earthly Branches’ by Peter van Kervel.

International Lectures
International Lectures and study centre Pakua share the same passion and poignancy to organise authentic, original and profound lectures. More information about lectures is available on their website http://www.internationallectures.com.