Complaints procedure Consumer
Article 1: Definitions:

1. Pakua Study Center,
G.van Doornikstraat 5
3621 HT Breukelen

2. Complainant: a participant in one of the courses organized by Study Center Pakua.
3. Complaint: complaint about the organization or content of one of the courses organized by Pakua or the way in which (if applicable) these are given.
Article 2: Filing a complaint:

1. The complaint must be in writing, motivated and signed and submitted to the secretariat of Study Center Pakua via the email address
The secretariat ensures that the complaint is sent to the correct person on the board.
2. There is no right of complaint against a decision of general application.
Article 3: Handling the complaint:

1. The board will confirm receipt of the complaint to the complainant within thirty days.
2. The board will provide the complainant with all relevant information available to the board with regard to the complaint.
3. Within a maximum of four weeks after receipt of the complaint, the board will give the complainant the opportunity to explain his complaint. A report of this explanation is drawn up and sent to the complainant.
4. If a longer period of time is required to further investigate the complaint, the complainant will be notified of this within those four weeks, stating the reasons for the postponement. The board gives an indication of when it can be expected that a definitive answer will be given.
5. The board will treat the complaint confidentially.
Article 4: Ruling:

1. Within eight weeks of the hearing, the board will make a decision in response to the complaint. The decision is communicated to the complainant in writing and includes at least the findings, conclusions, responses and handling of the complaint.

2. If the complainant does not agree with the ruling, study center Pakua can submit the conflict to the Education Disputes Foundation:
Phone: 030 – 280 9590 or

Building Woudstede
Black Forest 2
3524 SJ Utrecht


3. The judgment of the Education Disputes Foundation is binding for Study Center Pakua. Any consequences will be dealt with by Study Center Pakua within eight weeks.
Article 5: Handling:

1. The complaints are registered by the secretariat of Pakua and are kept for a period of two years.
Article 6: Effective date:

1. The above complaints procedure takes effect on 01-06-2022.